CULTURAL-SELF-REPOSSESSION THE ACCULTURATED BODY AS A CULTURAL PRODUCER Language Writes Myth Writes Reality. Myths are taught and taken as values through enculturation – essential in socializing the individual. When a specific set of myths or “common-senses” and “ways of seeing” are taught to and in turn expected from a large group of diverse individuals the outcome is a form of colonization. Acculturation is too often disguised as socialization. Throughout my work, I explore the experience of an acculturated body (diasporic individual, or immigrant) taking on the role of the protagonist, turning colonization on its head; something Hollywood could never grant Carmen Miranda – one of the only lasting representations of Brazil outside of Latin America – despite her arduous attempts. In my research, I choose the phrase re-colonize while taking an anthropological perspective to open up space for the creation, as well as the active dissemination of new myths which allow the immigrant, the marginalized, the non-normative to become the protagonist. I frequently attempt to create spaces where the audience assumes the role of foreigner. Linguistics, Anthropology, and finally technology all have an intrinsic role in defining my practice. Such as language, the computer too is a snapshot of the elusive human perception. Examining the evolution of notation systems serves as a tool for re-programming language. The result is a language I have constructed that resembles the grammatical and morphological makeup of ancient languages serving as an exercise in cultural-self-repossession. I explore these languages through intermedia installations, touch-sensitive conductive sculptures, and durational performances. Victor Furtado de Mendonça Torres, MFA. Feb, 2017.